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Not much to report today.  I got a very early start and was on the road by 7 a.m…..I’m not usually up before 8:30.  I stayed at the Walmart in Waynesboro, VA….I couldn’t believe how quiet it was….I never even put my earplugs in!  It was a 24 hour Walmart but I barely saw any cars.

The fog on the mountains was insane this morning…..soooo pretty but a little scary.  Thankfully it didn’t affect my driving.  By about 10:30 a.m. I had to pull over and take a break.  My leg is feeling ok but a couple of times while I was walking I had really bad “twinges”.  So I pulled over to a rest stop and put my leg up for 2 hours and took a nap.

The mountains were incredibly gorgeous but it was very hard to keep my cruise control on and quite a few times I had to practically stand on my brakes going downhill.  Needless to say this was REALLY worrying me since my right leg is the leg I injured.  So now I’m out of the mountains and very, very grateful.  I probably won’t be so grateful when I get sick and tired of looking at cornfields eventually but for now……GRATEFUL!!

I’ve seen lots of things that I would love to stop and explore but it’s not that kind of trip this time unfortunately.  I’m anxious to get to Omaha.  My plan is to sign up with the temp agencies at the end of this week.  While I’m in Omaha (and hopefully working a couple temp assignments) I plan on taking a lot of side trips that I was never able to do while I lived in Omaha.  And just maybe I will do a couple of articles about how awesome Omaha is so that I can set everyone straight about Omaha LOL!!

Now I am in Morehead, KY at the library getting everything charged up.  I was looking forward to getting a couple hours of work done but it is so freaking hot in here I can’t even think straight.  I think as soon as I’m charged up I’m just gonna get back on the road.



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Happy Mother’s Day!!

So I’ve been off of my leg for 3 days now……AND I have been bored to absolute tears!!!  I have watched movies, read books, worked online, watched Youtube, played on Facebook, read my email ad nauseum, read and replied to yahoo group forums, surfed TV…….I cannot take it anymore!!!

Tomorrow come hell or high water I am outta here!!!

I’m going to take the splint off and hope like hell that my leg feels better.  And then yes….I’m going to at least wear my tennis shoes and try not to exercise it too much….try to be gentle with it!


Today is Mother’s Day….not sure my kids have any concept of that or not?  Curious to see if I hear from them or not.  It’s funny because I always reminded them of Father’s Day for my X but I don’t think the same courtesy was ever returned.  And funnier still is that I get Happy Mother’s Day texts and FB comments from people who really don’t owe me a Happy Mother’s Day…..but it’s nice just the same.  My mom is off on her vandwelling adventure….so we said our Happy Mother’s Day’s to each other before she left.  It’s a pretty low key Mother’s Day this year.

I had planned on taking a video of my van for the blog this week but of course with the bum leg I haven’t been able to do that……so stay tuned, as soon as I’m able I’m going to do that.

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Leg Splint….Have to keep off of leg for 3 days 😦

Well I guess I must have worked a little tooooo hard at the yardsale this weekend.  I spent 4 hours at the ER last night making sure that I didn’t have blood clots (which thankfully I did not!!)…..turns out I have tendonitis in my right leg.

I’ve had problems with my legs for a long time.  They would ache and ache and ache for seemingly no reason.  I would walk around the house doing different NONstrenuous activities and after about 20 min they would start to ache like I had been hiking for hours.  Finally I went to the Dr and it was discovered that I was low in Vitamin D.  So for the past few years I have been taking a Vit D supplement…..most days (I suck at remembering to take medications).  And for the most part this seemed to fix things.

And the shoes……I know I shouldn’t wear flip flops or high heels or shoes that have little to no support……but I’m just not ready for sensible shoes damnit!  I don’t like tennis shoes….they make me feel clunky and frumpy.  And sensible shoes that are actually cute and stylish cost a freakin’ mint!  But I guess my hospital bill is going to cost me more than some sensible shoes will  😦

Ughhh…..Clunky = Frumpy!!!

So this weekend at the yardsale I spent most of Wednesday and Thursday lugging things up the stairs from the basement and from the garage.  Then Friday from 6am to 4pm standing and lugging things around and then Saturday from 7am to 4pm standing around and then lugging stuff to Goodwill.  ALL IN MY FLIP FLOPS!  They were my comfortable ones though 😀

Sooooo cute!!!

I know, I know, I know……bad, bad, bad!  I’m vain and lazy what can I tell you?

Needless to say by the end of the weekend I could barely walk.  But by Monday I was feeling fine.  Tuesday….little bit of pain in my right leg….nothing too serious, didn’t really pay much attention to it.  Wednesday….no worries.  But Wednesday night I was walking down a flight of steps and all of a sudden I had this horrendous ripping feeling in my calf.  It hurt like hell all night….I couldn’t flex my foot without hanging from the chandeliers, I couldn’t put any weight on it…..not good.  Thursday surprisingly it started feeling really pretty ok…..I was really surprised!  I just assumed it was a pulled muscle and I treated it as so….ice, elevation etc.

But then people started in with the worrying……maybe I had a blood clot?  I was a nurse once upon a time….I know all about calf pain and blood clots…..so the seed was planted.  And then I started to wonder…..if I have a pulled muscle or a torn tendon…..WHY does it feel so much better???  Maybe I did have a clot and it moved on…..Ahhhhh crap I don’t want to die in my sleep of a freaking stroke.  So off to the ER I went.  Annoyed the entire way cuz I just knew that I was going to end up with some astronomical bill just to be told that I had a pulled muscle and to stay off of it.

4 hours later……no blood clots and a diagnosis of tendonitis.  I’m pretty sure these crutches alone are gonna cost me $300 at the least 😦  So color me annoyed to the nth degree.  BUT I am glad it wasn’t something more serious.

And I guess I am getting old because I need sensible shoes and I just wrote an entire post on my health issues……..ahhhhh crud!!!

Sensible Shoes……Yuck!!!

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