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Just a little update to begin with……last week I spoke to you about how you can find temp work while on the road and today I am writing to you from a temp assignment that I picked up in Omaha.  I am working as a receptionist for a real estate office.  So yes it can be done!

I am currently looking for more temp work outside of Omaha since this assignment is only for this week.  Maybe Des Moine, IA or Kansas City, MO.  This is the nice thing about temp work…..I’m not tied to one area and since these areas are only a few hours away it is easy for me to look while I’m in Omaha and then drive there IF I get an assignment.

Today I want to talk to you about two really great places to get ideas (outside of the box ideas) on how to make money.

1.  I have mentioned this site more than once before but it is such a great site that I think it bears repeating…… The Rat Race Rebellion is a site that searches for work from home jobs and researches them to make sure they are legit.  If you go to their site make sure you sign up for their email alerts.  I get an email from them every day with interesting work opportunities.  And you might just be surprised at what kinds of jobs are on the site……I’m not necessarily talking about low level jobs here.  You will find everything from mystery shopping to openings for engineers.


2.  Another site that I love to troll is actually a YouTube site.  The guy who makes these videos is called KingHuman so if you go to the main page and put his name into the search box you will come to his YouTube “home page” and will be able to see all of his videos.  Now I have to warn you he can be a little on the obnoxious side but I think he has some really great out of the box ideas!

He makes more than just videos on how to make money so you will have to sift through his videos to find the ones specific to making money.  When I came across him on YouTube I spent an entire week watching each and every one of his “making money” videos (I think they went back to 2008) and I was just amazed at the stuff he came up with.  Just like the Rat Race Rebellion he gives a very wide range of things to do….. it isn’t just online computer type stuff.

One of my very favorite videos from KingHuman I wish I could pull off myself because it just sounded like a lot of fun but I think I’m really a little too old to pull it off!  His idea consisted of buying a bunch of flashing, light up items, such as rings, from a wholesale distributor and then selling them at a bar/rave/party/festival etc.  He wasn’t talking about setting up as a vendor or having a stall or anything like that…..he was just talking about walking into a bar wearing the stuff and when people asked where he got it he said “oh I have some here in my bag….you want one??”.  I just love that idea….it sounds like fun.  I thought maybe my kids would have fun with that…..but they aren’t quite as adventurous as me!!

The other thing you should know about these videos is that they are not 100% “tell me how to do it” type videos.  He is real big on telling you to do your due diligence and figure it out.  Basically this is a way to get ideas…..things you might not ever have heard of before……expand your mind……maybe you can take one of his ideas and put your own spin on it.



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On The Road

I am now one week away from my first trip in my new van.  Honestly I’m not sure how I feel about it…..or better yet I’m confused about how I feel about it.  I should be off my rocker with excitement but I’m decidedly not.  I’m not….. “not excited”….  about it….I’m just very blasé about it and I don’t know why.  Nerves maybe???

But regardless of my lack of ecstatic joy…..I am generally excited about leaving.  As I’ve mentioned before my mom will be joining me on this trip.  We will not be gone for very long because it has taken us a long time to get ourselves together and now we have to be back in time for my brother’s wedding.  However, I think that will probably work in our favor.  This will be an opportunity to see how things go….a test run so to speak.

I will be picking up the van today, a 2000 Dodge Ram High-top Conversion Van, which I will eventually convert into more of a camper.  But for right now I’m not going to make any conversions to it.  I want to take this little mini trip and see what I truly need while I’m on the trip.  I have purchased the absolute necessities but that is all I will do at this point.  The bench in the back of the van converts into a bed of sorts so I will use that for the time being.  However in the future I will plan on building a more permanent bed that I’m assuming will be exponentially better than the fold down bench!

I’m obviously worried about gas since gas has now almost reached $4/gallon.  It’s not like I didn’t know it was coming…..I did.  But sometimes realizing something and living the reality of it is sooooooo different!  It’s real now and it kinda scares me!  But I’m not going to let it stop me.  I just have to work harder and plan smarter.

This mini trip will not allow enough time for me to look for job opportunities but I think that once I get to Omaha later in the Spring I will attempt to secure some temporary work to fill my coffers again.  I am still working on Today’s Gal Friday and it is going well but not to the point of being able to support myself fully at this point.  So if there is anyone out in Omaha that would like to hire me for anything let me know!!  Obviously you know I can do administrative work but I can also babysit, house sit, pet sit, geriatric sit, paint interiors, clean, organize your house, organize your filing etc. etc.!!  Right now I am helping a lady clean out her house – helping her sort into “keep, Goodwill, and trash” piles so I do have experience with those types of jobs as well!

I have a bad habit of not being able to easily “switch gears” and I think maybe this is where the “blasé” part of my emotions is coming from.  I think I have grown comfortable at my sister’s house and now my feelings are ambivalent about leaving.  But I’m going to push through because this is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and I know myself well enough to know that 99% of the time when I don’t want to do something (that I previously thought I wanted to do) once I make myself get out there and do it I have a blast…..I just have to push myself out of the malaise phase.

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