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Today's Gal FridayI finally finished getting my website up and running for Today’s Gal Friday.  I have 2 pages on there that I need to finish but the important stuff is there.  This website is for my virtual administrative services business and is what I hope will pay the bills while I travel so I want it to look professional.  I also wanted it to look very simple and uncomplicated.

What do you think about it??  Does it look professional?  Does it look too simple??  Would you hire me??




Comments appreciated!


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Ok, so I know a lot of you are wondering how in the world I will make money while on the road.  I haven’t been able to answer that question intelligently so far because I’m still putting it all together.

A lot of proclaimed digital nomads already have a niche carved out for themselves online….they just decided to take it on the road.  So I’m not so sure that I can technically call myself a digital nomad just yet as I’m not making money online and I have not set up any type of income stream to support myself online…..yet.  And well….technically I’m not traveling just yet either!!

However, my long range plan to become a digital nomad and support myself online is finally starting to come together….slowly but surely!!  It has been a difficult process because while I have this vague notion of what I want to do I’m not 100% sure of how to bring it all together.  And on top of not knowing how to bring it together I have been swamped with a myriad of other activities and responsibilities.  But the past few days I have chained myself to my desk and have spent many, many hours working on a plan and I finally have a very sketchy outline of my plans!

First and foremost I will be resurrecting the company that I started while unemployed the last time.  Today’s Gal Friday was a company that my sister and I started as virtual assistants.  This company basically fizzled because I didn’t really like what I was doing as a virtual assistant.  So obviously there will be some drastic changes and revamping of what I’m willing and not willing to do.  As you can probably imagine working as a virtual assistant is perfect for traveling because I don’t have to have a home base; I don’t even have to live in the same state as my client!

However, Today’s Gal Friday will be a small part of what I do and realistically will just be a way to put money in my pocket while working on the project that I really want to work on!  This is the REAL long range plan!  What I have been working on in my head for a long time and am now finally trying to put together is a website that will sell some eBooks that I have been working on.  I don’t want to go into specifics just yet (I’m a little paranoid!) but I will definitely let all of you know more and more as it all comes together.

Now having said all that….will that put money in my pocket tomorrow?  No.  So what will I do in the mean time?  Well first and foremost as I mentioned in a previous post I am trying to pull together any money that I can so that I can have a little pot of money to live on.  This involves selling everything I own, getting my taxes done; doing some freelance work and some refund money I’m due for school.

The second half of the “first and foremost” is getting my bills down to nothing…this I will go into in another post.   Thirdly I will most likely look for some other ways to make a little bit of cash without tying up too much of my time or tying me to any one place for too long.  Maybe I will babysit….anyone out there need a dog sitter?  Or maybe I’ll deliver pizzas!  Who knows??  There are many, many ways to make money on the road but as this post has already become too long I will have to save that discussion for another day!

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