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Just a little update to begin with……last week I spoke to you about how you can find temp work while on the road and today I am writing to you from a temp assignment that I picked up in Omaha.  I am working as a receptionist for a real estate office.  So yes it can be done!

I am currently looking for more temp work outside of Omaha since this assignment is only for this week.  Maybe Des Moine, IA or Kansas City, MO.  This is the nice thing about temp work…..I’m not tied to one area and since these areas are only a few hours away it is easy for me to look while I’m in Omaha and then drive there IF I get an assignment.

Today I want to talk to you about two really great places to get ideas (outside of the box ideas) on how to make money.

1.  I have mentioned this site more than once before but it is such a great site that I think it bears repeating…… The Rat Race Rebellion is a site that searches for work from home jobs and researches them to make sure they are legit.  If you go to their site make sure you sign up for their email alerts.  I get an email from them every day with interesting work opportunities.  And you might just be surprised at what kinds of jobs are on the site……I’m not necessarily talking about low level jobs here.  You will find everything from mystery shopping to openings for engineers.


2.  Another site that I love to troll is actually a YouTube site.  The guy who makes these videos is called KingHuman so if you go to the main page and put his name into the search box you will come to his YouTube “home page” and will be able to see all of his videos.  Now I have to warn you he can be a little on the obnoxious side but I think he has some really great out of the box ideas!

He makes more than just videos on how to make money so you will have to sift through his videos to find the ones specific to making money.  When I came across him on YouTube I spent an entire week watching each and every one of his “making money” videos (I think they went back to 2008) and I was just amazed at the stuff he came up with.  Just like the Rat Race Rebellion he gives a very wide range of things to do….. it isn’t just online computer type stuff.

One of my very favorite videos from KingHuman I wish I could pull off myself because it just sounded like a lot of fun but I think I’m really a little too old to pull it off!  His idea consisted of buying a bunch of flashing, light up items, such as rings, from a wholesale distributor and then selling them at a bar/rave/party/festival etc.  He wasn’t talking about setting up as a vendor or having a stall or anything like that…..he was just talking about walking into a bar wearing the stuff and when people asked where he got it he said “oh I have some here in my bag….you want one??”.  I just love that idea….it sounds like fun.  I thought maybe my kids would have fun with that…..but they aren’t quite as adventurous as me!!

The other thing you should know about these videos is that they are not 100% “tell me how to do it” type videos.  He is real big on telling you to do your due diligence and figure it out.  Basically this is a way to get ideas…..things you might not ever have heard of before……expand your mind……maybe you can take one of his ideas and put your own spin on it.



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My friends and I often discuss how lazy we are….that we never go and see the historic or tourist locations in our own home town.  I am absolutely the worst about this……as much as I love to travel you would think that I would  be better about that….especially since I have lived in some pretty cool places!  I grew up in Annapolis and never really did the “tourist” thing there…..there are a lot of places in Annapolis that I would like to go back and check out.  Last year I spent 10 months in Alexandria, VA which is on the outskirts of DC……I did nothing!  I was so busy with my “life”.  Now that I am in Omaha I am realizing how many things that I missed when I lived here back in 2003.

Since I am low on funds I have made up a list of FREE things to do in Omaha that I will be exploring FIRST.  Then I will move on to the CHEAP things to do 🙂

The other day I went and visited The Boys Town Museum and the Boys Town Chapel.  Living in Omaha you hear about Boys Town all the time….but for me it was just a matter of seeing the signs all over the place for advertising….I never really knew the significance of the place.  I wasn’t around when the movie came out in 1938.  The museum was a lot nicer than I really expected it to be and the Chapel was gorgeous.  You can easily do the museum in 30 to 45 minutes (depending on how detailed you are on reading every single word).  This would be a great place to bring slightly older children (I had a 7 year old with me and she was mildly interested but bored quickly)….small children will not be real interested.  There is a bus that you can climb into and explore which was really fun for the 7 year old but the rest of it was only mildly interesting to her.

If you have small children there are several splashparks around.  This is a great alternative to crowded public pools.  My friend and I found one in Millard on Seldin Drive and spent a few hours there with his daughter.  I wish these had been around when my children were small.  The smallest child could play without too much danger….certainly no drowning.  There was plenty of grass and open spaces for families to spread out blankets and have picnics and that is just what we did.  There is also a regular playground and porta potties!

Today I am going to go explore the Mormon Trail Center…..yet another thing I never explored when I lived here…..and it’s FREE!!  Saturday I am going to go to the Joslyn Art Museum to see the Egyptian Exhibition.  Saturday mornings from 10 to noon the Joslyn is open to the general public for FREE.

Below I have listed some other free things to do in Omaha…..I will be exploring them over the next few weeks.

Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts

Heartland of America Park

Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge

Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail Visitor Center

Lewis & Clark Landing

Gerald R. Ford Birth Site & Gardens

Jazz on the Green

Playing with Fire Concert Series

Shakespeare on the Green

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One of the things that I like about vandwelling and the new life I have chosen is also one of the things that can be so frustrating……the flexibility and the way things seem to change from day to day.

I would love to tell you that I am on my way to Omaha…..but who knows what tomorrow will bring??  My plans have changed a minimum of 4 times in the past week.  I have finally left ….. I am on the road…..and I am headed to Omaha……let’s just keep our fingers crossed that things don’t change mid trip!!

Omaha At Dusk

The new plan is to head to Omaha where I have a lot of friends and relatives and hang out there for 5-6 weeks.  While I’m there I’m going to look for some temp work to help get the coffers filled up some.  I’m still working on Today’s Gal Friday and another project but things are not going as quickly as I would like sooooo…….hi ho, hi ho it’s off to work I go!!

I left this afternoon but didn’t get real far.  I took the splint off my leg and it’s doing pretty good but I don’t want to push it.  So I got kind of a late start and then had several stops to make on the way.

Right now I am in Waynesboro, VA.  I am sitting outside the Buffalo Wild Wings using their internet and it is pouring rain.  That probably doesn’t sound so great but I am just loving it!  I’m comfy cozy and the sound of the rain on the roof is so relaxing.  I really do just love being in this van.

It was still daylight when I got to Waynesboro and the fog around the top of the mountains was really cool….I kept trying to find someplace where I could get a picture but no such luck.  Then just as I was looking for the exit (of course) I ran into a bank of fog and could not see 2 feet in front of me…..it was really crazy…..I was getting a little nervous I wasn’t sure what to do if I couldn’t see but right before I panicked I saw the exit and the fog lifted enough for me to get to the Walmart.

Not my picture but very similar to what I saw in Waynesboro, VA

I used my lunchbox stove to cook some pot pies while I was driving here and they turned out perfect…..the only problem I had was that they were too salty so probably won’t do that again.  But the stove worked out perfect!  It won’t work so great in every situation but if I’m driving for a few hours it’s so easy to just pop something in there and let it cook while I’m driving!  I love it!!

Pot Pies For Dinner

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Gypsy Jezebel

I have noticed in the Vandwelling community that everyone has a name for their “dwelling”…..kinda like a boat.  So in the spirit of vandwellers everywhere I have decided to name my new abode Gypsy Jezebel.  Gypsy of course is kinda self explanatory and well Jezebel came from a very fun night where a group of us all decided we needed to have stripper names with the first letter of our real name…..ergo Jena/Jezebel!!  And besides I’ve just always kinda liked that name and it seemed to suit the color green.  Of course I could have named it Kermit and I did think about it……but Jezebel suits me better!!

Today I spent the day cleaning out the basement and garage at my mom’s house.  I had been storing some stuff there….waiting for warm weather so that I could have a yardsale.  I’m hoping to make some decent money because I will be back on the road come Tuesday.

Tooooooo Much Stuff!!!!!

Every Summer I have a “Make Me an Offer” yardsale – I don’t price anything I just ask for a reasonable offer and I take it.  It works out pretty well because people will offer me way more that I would have actually priced it for and if every once in awhile they low ball me I just figure it all evens out in the end.  I get more high offers than low offers.  And plus…..I really, really hate pricing everything!

Tuesday I am leaving for Nashville.  I have some friends I’m going to visit in the area and then I’m going to head to Omaha, NE where I have even more friends.  My family all hales from Nebraska and I have lived there a few times myself…..most recently from 2003 to 2008.  I haven’t been back in a few years and I’m so, so excited to get back out there.  My sister still has stuff there in storage so she will be flying out to get it and then we will drive back to Maryland together.  It should be a fun 6 weeks!


On The Road Again!!

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Well, as you might possibly have noticed, I’ve been MIA for a few days.  There are some really good reasons and one not so great reason.  Let’s start with the good stuff first (I always have liked eating my dessert first)!!

I am finally, finally, finally done with my classes…..and for those of you who care to know…..I didn’t pass them.  I’m not proud of that, but it was a choice of losing my mind or letting go.  I chose to let go…..I’m working real hard on that concept these days.  This was a hard one for me as I have been on the Dean’s List since I started school and I hate the bad example I have set for my children…..but……letting go, letting go, letting go.

Note to my children if you are reading…..letting go DOES NOT mean not giving it 100% effort FIRST!!!

So now that I am finally done with the mind sucking drudgery of school and done with the hair pulling experiencing of moving, getting settled and handling all the myriad of things that come with moving and relocating…..I can finally settle down to business.

My plans are finally starting to firm up for the next 6 months…..they have changed a few dozen times so I can’t promise that anything is in stone just yet….but I’m excited.  I can FINALLY start planning!  I have started looking for a van and will be selling my car in preparation for the first leg of my new “vocation”!!

The plan as it stands now is this:

  • The first 3 weeks of April my mom and I will drive in tandem to the South Carolina/Georgia area and just meander around to wherever we damn well please 😛
  • Then I come back for my brother’s wedding at the end of April.
  • The week after the wedding my mom and I are, again, driving in tandem out to Nebraska (meandering again along the way) where we will visit with friends/relatives, help my sister get her stuff out of storage so it can be transported back to Virginia via my oldest son and attend a wedding.
  • By the time we arrive back in Virginia with my sister’s stuff in tow it will be full blown summer here in St. Michaels, MD (where I’m using my sister’s house as a “home base”).  I will be staying here for a while at that point because this is the best of the best times to be living in this area!!  I have many, many “summer things” that we do every summer and I am looking forward to participating with my family.  AND St. Michaels in SUMMER….who the heck wouldn’t want to do that??!
  • In July I am planning a trip to California with my children for their collective birthdays.  They chose California but we haven’t decided where just yet.
  • Then sometime around the end of the summer my mom and I will be traveling together again.  This time we will be traveling across the northern states out to California and then back across the southern states.  The purpose of this trip is to work on an idea that we have both been brewing in our heads for a long time. We will be visiting relatives from the Anderson side of the family and working on an “Anderson Family” book.

So there it is….like I said it might change again…..but it is finally at a firm enough point that I feel confident in making actual plans….so that is a good thing!!

Now for the not so great reason I have been MIA….I have been having a lot of trouble with my wrist lately.  I had surgery on my left wrist in 2009 for a torn tendon (which is a huge part of the reason why I was unemployed for so long).  Of course you are probably thinking it is my left wrist that is bothering me so much (and you would be partially correct)…..but no it’s even worse….it’s my right wrist.  Since I am right handed and my left wrist still bothers me I am now looking at a double whammy.  I spend about 95% of my life on the computer (which of course is the reason I’m having problems) so to have both of my wrists bothering me is not a good thing.  Not to mention the one small, itty, bitty, little issue of me making my living (whether on the road or in an office) on the computer.  I have dug out all my old wrist bandages/guards/cuffs etc in the hopes of trying to ward off the inevitable. I am icing, and resting, and heat padding, and elevating and all the other things that are recommended…..but in the meantime….in the back of my head…..I’m furiously thinking of things that don’t involve me being on a computer…..just in case.

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