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I had a really wonderful trip to Omaha to visit all my friends and relatives and to help my sister load up the moving truck with all of her belongings.  Now I’m back in Virginia to help my mom get ready to move.  If I haven’t mentioned it before…..I think my family might just have a little gypsy blood in it somewhere….it’s the only way I can justify all the moving around!

My mom has been renting her house for the past 4 years and it has now been sold….she and all of her housemates (she rents 4 rooms) have to be out by August 1st.  We have A LOT of work to do to get ready.  We have 4.5 weeks left and out of those 4.5 weeks we will be spending a week at the family summer house for our annual family summer vacation in Deltaville, VA.  So yep, count it out…..we actually have 3.5 weeks!!

We are gearing up for another BIG yard sale next weekend and still have a lot of stuff to go through.  Not only my mom’s stuff but everyone else’s stuff…..over the past 4 years not only has my mom rented out 4 rooms but myself, my 2 boys and my sister have all lived here at varying times as well.  Every time someone leaves they leave stuff behind.  The house, especially the kitchen, is a maddening mod podge of STUFF!!  And no one really remembers what belongs to whom!!  To make matters even worse this past week I have been really sick.  So much for being here to help my mom……she’s been waiting on me hand and foot instead since I haven’t been able to get up off the couch!

We had a really great visit with a new “vandwelling” buddy from our vandwelling forum discussion group….Jessie.  He was great.  I really enjoyed talking to him.  He has the same type van as I do and so we had a little show & tell with our vans.  I almost passed out (did I mention I’m sick…….oh and we are having a heat wave) so I didn’t get to play show and tell for too long.  But just long enough to get some really great ideas for my van.  He had a lot more done on his van than I do.

Today I’m feeling a little better…..at least enough to get back on the computer…..so I have been getting a little bit of work done…..some new ideas, some rehashing of ideas, some brainstorming…..a little bit of reorganizing…..you know, my normal life!!

So that is about it….not really much to fill you in on…..no grand adventures this month I’m afraid to say…..family obligations are keeping me grounded for a little bit….but I’m working on the next chapter ….. so stay tuned!!  🙂



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Law of Attraction

I am thin…the pounds are melting off of me – lost 3 more pounds

I am healthy – throat stopped hurting – allergies have not been bothering me

I am energetic and productive – finally getting business related items done

The money is flowing to me – extra check from dad, car payment taken care of, items SOLD

My kids are happy – Oldest son called out of blue and actually talked to me like a human being and sounded good….really good

I have a van available for our April trip – found not one but two vans

I am happy – I AM HAPPY


A very lucky girl

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Well, as you might possibly have noticed, I’ve been MIA for a few days.  There are some really good reasons and one not so great reason.  Let’s start with the good stuff first (I always have liked eating my dessert first)!!

I am finally, finally, finally done with my classes…..and for those of you who care to know…..I didn’t pass them.  I’m not proud of that, but it was a choice of losing my mind or letting go.  I chose to let go…..I’m working real hard on that concept these days.  This was a hard one for me as I have been on the Dean’s List since I started school and I hate the bad example I have set for my children…..but……letting go, letting go, letting go.

Note to my children if you are reading…..letting go DOES NOT mean not giving it 100% effort FIRST!!!

So now that I am finally done with the mind sucking drudgery of school and done with the hair pulling experiencing of moving, getting settled and handling all the myriad of things that come with moving and relocating…..I can finally settle down to business.

My plans are finally starting to firm up for the next 6 months…..they have changed a few dozen times so I can’t promise that anything is in stone just yet….but I’m excited.  I can FINALLY start planning!  I have started looking for a van and will be selling my car in preparation for the first leg of my new “vocation”!!

The plan as it stands now is this:

  • The first 3 weeks of April my mom and I will drive in tandem to the South Carolina/Georgia area and just meander around to wherever we damn well please 😛
  • Then I come back for my brother’s wedding at the end of April.
  • The week after the wedding my mom and I are, again, driving in tandem out to Nebraska (meandering again along the way) where we will visit with friends/relatives, help my sister get her stuff out of storage so it can be transported back to Virginia via my oldest son and attend a wedding.
  • By the time we arrive back in Virginia with my sister’s stuff in tow it will be full blown summer here in St. Michaels, MD (where I’m using my sister’s house as a “home base”).  I will be staying here for a while at that point because this is the best of the best times to be living in this area!!  I have many, many “summer things” that we do every summer and I am looking forward to participating with my family.  AND St. Michaels in SUMMER….who the heck wouldn’t want to do that??!
  • In July I am planning a trip to California with my children for their collective birthdays.  They chose California but we haven’t decided where just yet.
  • Then sometime around the end of the summer my mom and I will be traveling together again.  This time we will be traveling across the northern states out to California and then back across the southern states.  The purpose of this trip is to work on an idea that we have both been brewing in our heads for a long time. We will be visiting relatives from the Anderson side of the family and working on an “Anderson Family” book.

So there it is….like I said it might change again…..but it is finally at a firm enough point that I feel confident in making actual plans….so that is a good thing!!

Now for the not so great reason I have been MIA….I have been having a lot of trouble with my wrist lately.  I had surgery on my left wrist in 2009 for a torn tendon (which is a huge part of the reason why I was unemployed for so long).  Of course you are probably thinking it is my left wrist that is bothering me so much (and you would be partially correct)…..but no it’s even worse….it’s my right wrist.  Since I am right handed and my left wrist still bothers me I am now looking at a double whammy.  I spend about 95% of my life on the computer (which of course is the reason I’m having problems) so to have both of my wrists bothering me is not a good thing.  Not to mention the one small, itty, bitty, little issue of me making my living (whether on the road or in an office) on the computer.  I have dug out all my old wrist bandages/guards/cuffs etc in the hopes of trying to ward off the inevitable. I am icing, and resting, and heat padding, and elevating and all the other things that are recommended…..but in the meantime….in the back of my head…..I’m furiously thinking of things that don’t involve me being on a computer…..just in case.

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