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I’ve been in Omaha for about a week now and I’m glad to be here…..but my mettle is being tested and those are the cold hard facts!!

Things have reached a place where I finally have to put up or shut up as they say.  For the past 5 months I have been living off of a very large tax refund, a few gifts, selling my belongings, a yardsale and a few small assignments through Today’s Gal Friday.  But now my training wheels are slowly being removed and it’s time to see if I can ride my big girl bike J  It can be done is what I have said and now I have to prove it!

For now I am spending the week with a very good friend and that has just been lovely….I love staying in my van but nothing beats having someone wait on you, feed you, entertain you…… and a hot tub!!

But after this week I will be on my own with very little moolah left.  Even though my goal is to become completely self sufficient with my online endeavors…..I’m not quite there yet.  So I am having to sift through my ever growing list of ways to make money for alternatives at this point.

The past few days I have spent making the rounds of the temp agencies looking for temporary office work.  This is what I would prefer to do because I know it inside and out…..it is what I’ve done for 25 years….but if nothing comes of it I will move on to plan C!!

I thought that in light of my current situation this would be a good time to start posting some information on ways to make money on the road.  Since this is the #1 question asked by most people when I explain my plans as well as the #1 question asked by most people considering this lifestyle I thought it would be appropriate.  So starting Monday I will introduce Making Money Mondays….I hope you will stop by and check it out….maybe get some ideas for yourself!!


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