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One Christmas I gave everyone a book called “The Secret” as a gift.  The book is based on the Law of Attraction which basically boils down to “What you think….becomes”.  In other words if you think good things then you will attract good things and vice versa….if you think bad things then you will attract bad things.

One of my very favorite examples from the book is the example of losing weight.  If you constantly think “I’m not going to lose the weight” then you are attracting the weight to you…..your brain, instead of thinking of “losing weight”, is thinking “gain weight” and sending out negative vibes into the world.  Of course if you think “when I lose the weight”….as if it is assumed that you will lose the weight, then you are sending positive attraction signals.  I admit it might sound a little hokey but it really does make a lot of sense and I have had several things happen in my life that I can attribute to this theory.

Another fun thing that my sister, mom and I have done (and this exercise could be done with other subjects as well) is made up a list of what we want in a man.  Everything we listed had to be positive.  We couldn’t say that we didn’t want a non-smoker because that was a negative request…..so we had to think of a positive way to say it.  Instead we said we wanted a smoke-free person.

If you haven’t read The Secret I highly recommend it!!!  I fell off of the bandwagon somewhat over the years since I originally read it….not really sure why…..but I am now re-reading it and trying to put myself back in the right frame of mind.

Recently I was introduced to a new way of applying the Law of Attraction called Remembering Forward.  Remembering Forward is basically pretending that you are in the future and looking back at all the good things that have happened to you.  You make up the past obviously, but you build a past with everything good that you want to happen.  By doing this you are training your brain to think about how you want your life to go in a positive reinforcing way….imagine your life the way you want it and then assume that is how your life is going to go.

So for this post I am going to do my own little version of Remembering Forward…..

Remember when you decided to become a digital nomad and take your business on the road so that you could finally do some traveling?  Remember how scared you were?  But then it all turned out so marvelous.  You worked so hard to get Today’s Gal Friday up and running that it exceeded your wildest imagination.  You were able to pick and choose your clients and hire other VA’s to take on some of the over flow.  Eventually you made enough money to be able to travel all around the world whenever you wanted to.  

Oh, and remember when you were so worried about how your boys would turn out, about how they would feel about you leaving….would they feel abandoned??  Remember that?  Well they really surprised you didn’t they?  Joshua turned out to be a world renowned artist and is now living on an organic farm….he wasn’t a starving artist for too long!  And Zachary….he finally made it to school and is doing well in his field and has 2 beautiful children.  And they never did feel abandoned….that was all in your head….they were happy for you and came to join you in your travels whenever they were able to. 

As for you, one day when you were least expecting it, you ran into the most wonderful, giving, loving man who wanted to travel as much as you did and you hit it off right way.  

And now you are getting married, you are home from your travels (but not for too long) in a beautiful home with your loving husband and adorable grandchildren.  Life really did turn out wonderful and there was never any reason to worry after all.

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I have had quite a few people ask me about doing a daily journal.  So I have decided to accommodate those voyeuristic fans of mine 🙂  I’m not so sure it will be that entertaining LOL??!!  

If you look up at the top of my blog you will see a page that says “Daily Journal”…..that is where you will find my daily notes!

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