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So now that the news is starting to really sink in….”Oh, you mean she’s serious”??!!!….the questions have begun.  And I don’t really know how to answer the questions.  Part of it is because inside my head I’m thinking “Oh Lord, they are going to think I’m insane” and the words just don’t want to come out of my mouth.  I just know that as soon as the first few words come out they are going to put up that wall that says….she’s crazy and I’m not listening to another word.  The other reason I have a hard time with the questions is because I don’t really have a concrete plan yet.  What I have is a whole lotta research, information, half formed ideas and determination that this WILL work damnit!  So of course as soon as I start talking people think (or so I assume) “she doesn’t even have a plan….she is sooo crazy”.  So you see where I am with this!!  The questions are hard.

But here is what I know….

 I want to travel.  There are millions of people out there doing it.  It can be done. 

Now…. about the van….

Yes, I am buying a van and most likely living in it for a large portion of the time.  Am I going to live in it permanently…..mmmm maybe not.  There are a lot of places that I can stay for free or extremely cheap and I plan on spending a lot of time traveling close to home and visiting frequently with my children, mom and sister.

I am not living in the van because I have to.  I’m doing it because I want to travel…right now I want to travel in the US….but at some point I want to go overseas….am I going to take the van…no of course not.  I want to live in the van because instead of throwing any money I make into my living expenses I can take the money and use it to travel places I want to go.  I’m not planning on subsisting in the van….I’m not planning on making tiny bits of money so that I can eek out my existence living off grid in a van…..I’m planning on making money and using it to travel.  The van is a means to an end….a sacrifice I am willing to make to do what I want to do with my life!

So with all that said….. I have begun my search!  I have been back and forth and back and forth about what kind of van I want.  At first I wanted a cargo van (You would simply be amazed at what creative minds have done with cargo vans!  They are like tiny little hotel rooms!) But honestly I just felt a little funny…..especially when people made jokes about not parking outside the elementary school.

I want something that feels a little more normal.  Yes I do realize that what I’m doing is not necessarily considered normal.  Then I thought about a mini-van because I’ve driven mini-vans and they feel comfortable to me.  They feel “normal” to me.  I’ve seen some mini-van conversions and it’s tight for sure but they did a great job of it.  But I’m worried I will just go crazy from claustrophobia.

Then I considered conversion vans…..a cross between a mini-van and a cargo van???  But….I don’t really know why…..for some reason conversion vans have always had kind of a creepy feel to me….others may think the cargo van is creepy but I think the conversion van is creepier!

So I set out today thinking I would look for mini-vans….and what was the first thing I found?  A conversion van that I love…..go figure!  But I have to say…this does not really look like a conversion van to me.  It looks more like a passenger van/extra large mini-van to me.  And even though it is an older model it looks newer from the outside.  The inside looks great and I had no trouble driving it.

Now my concern is whether I should take the first thing I find (after having it looked at of course) or risk losing it by continuing to look (just to be on the safe side).  I haven’t found a whole lot of conversion vans to look at to begin with.  It has pretty high mileage but from what I’ve been learning….that is not really such a bad thing…..I don’t know about that….I’m going to check into it a little more.

So that is where I’m at with the whole van thing.  My first trip (in a van anyways) will be the first week of April so I’m really hoping that I can get this all settled before then!!  Wish me luck!

Here are some links to conversion vans that have been converted even more!!





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