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On The Road

I am now one week away from my first trip in my new van.  Honestly I’m not sure how I feel about it…..or better yet I’m confused about how I feel about it.  I should be off my rocker with excitement but I’m decidedly not.  I’m not….. “not excited”….  about it….I’m just very blasé about it and I don’t know why.  Nerves maybe???

But regardless of my lack of ecstatic joy…..I am generally excited about leaving.  As I’ve mentioned before my mom will be joining me on this trip.  We will not be gone for very long because it has taken us a long time to get ourselves together and now we have to be back in time for my brother’s wedding.  However, I think that will probably work in our favor.  This will be an opportunity to see how things go….a test run so to speak.

I will be picking up the van today, a 2000 Dodge Ram High-top Conversion Van, which I will eventually convert into more of a camper.  But for right now I’m not going to make any conversions to it.  I want to take this little mini trip and see what I truly need while I’m on the trip.  I have purchased the absolute necessities but that is all I will do at this point.  The bench in the back of the van converts into a bed of sorts so I will use that for the time being.  However in the future I will plan on building a more permanent bed that I’m assuming will be exponentially better than the fold down bench!

I’m obviously worried about gas since gas has now almost reached $4/gallon.  It’s not like I didn’t know it was coming…..I did.  But sometimes realizing something and living the reality of it is sooooooo different!  It’s real now and it kinda scares me!  But I’m not going to let it stop me.  I just have to work harder and plan smarter.

This mini trip will not allow enough time for me to look for job opportunities but I think that once I get to Omaha later in the Spring I will attempt to secure some temporary work to fill my coffers again.  I am still working on Today’s Gal Friday and it is going well but not to the point of being able to support myself fully at this point.  So if there is anyone out in Omaha that would like to hire me for anything let me know!!  Obviously you know I can do administrative work but I can also babysit, house sit, pet sit, geriatric sit, paint interiors, clean, organize your house, organize your filing etc. etc.!!  Right now I am helping a lady clean out her house – helping her sort into “keep, Goodwill, and trash” piles so I do have experience with those types of jobs as well!

I have a bad habit of not being able to easily “switch gears” and I think maybe this is where the “blasé” part of my emotions is coming from.  I think I have grown comfortable at my sister’s house and now my feelings are ambivalent about leaving.  But I’m going to push through because this is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and I know myself well enough to know that 99% of the time when I don’t want to do something (that I previously thought I wanted to do) once I make myself get out there and do it I have a blast…..I just have to push myself out of the malaise phase.


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Today I went online and bought some of the basics that I will need.  I bought a toilet seat that will fit on a 5 gallon paint bucket.  With a trash bag and some cat litter this will make the perfect emergency pit stop!  I bought a battery operated fan which will hopefully keep me from being too stuffy.  And I bought a lunchbox stove…..this was the best find yet!!

I have been trying to figure out what would be the best way to eat on the road….for me.  The ways that van dwellers eat and cook on the road are as varied as their converted “living spaces”.  Some have an actual kitchen set up, some have tiny portable microwaves, some are on a raw diet, some just use coolers and propane camping stoves, some use actual campfires and some use the microwaves that they find in truck stops and gas stations……and the list could go on and on and on.

I’m a very simple eater, I can eat the same thing day in and day out and I’m not really a food snob either so it doesn’t even have to be particularly good food….which is good I guess for the situation I find myself in.  Even though I consider myself a pretty laid back person when it comes to food I do have some restrictions.  I am currently on Weight Watchers, I like to try and watch my sodium intake and I do have a pretty gnarly problem with low blood sugar if I let it go too long.  So of utmost importance is that I ALWAYS have a plan so that I don’t get caught off guard and end up buying something in a panic that I regret later.  And if I let the blood sugar get out of control…..once I do have food available…..I CANNOT stop eating….it’s like my body will just not register that I am finally eating.  Not a good situation to get myself into!

So back to the lunchbox oven….  My diet right now pretty much consists of oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, Soup/Crackers/Apple for lunch, fruit and cheese or yogurt for snacks and then chicken and vegetable for dinner.  So knowing that oatmeal and soup are a major staple of mine I began looking for quick and easy ways to make them on the road.  I looked into submersible heating elements that you can plug into a 12volt outlet…. but you can’t heat anything up thicker than water….so I couldn’t heat up my soup.  I looked at hot pots that also plugged into the 12 volt outlets but apparently if you cook soup in them or anything thicker than water they are impossible to clean out….which I definitely do not want to have to deal with on the road.

I looked into a couple other options…..then I ran into the lunchbox oven.  It plugs into the cigarette lighter also and it looks just like what you might think….a black lunchbox!  And you can heat up just about anything……including soup!  Apparently Alton Brown even had an episode where he cooked an entire meatloaf in one!!  The reviews from customers were outstanding….and a lot of the reviews were from truckers!  So long story short I’m happy that I can have my soup now!  And apparently a lot of other stuff!  The reviews gave a lot of examples of different ways to use the lunchbox.  Hmmmm maybe I will start a new series on how to cook in a lunchbox!!

Obviously I’m probably not going to cook raw chicken in it so I will have to come up with some alternatives for dinner but I’m ok with that.  As long as I can have my oatmeal and my soup….those are the main things.

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Law of Attraction

I am thin…the pounds are melting off of me – lost 3 more pounds

I am healthy – throat stopped hurting – allergies have not been bothering me

I am energetic and productive – finally getting business related items done

The money is flowing to me – extra check from dad, car payment taken care of, items SOLD

My kids are happy – Oldest son called out of blue and actually talked to me like a human being and sounded good….really good

I have a van available for our April trip – found not one but two vans

I am happy – I AM HAPPY


A very lucky girl

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Today's Gal FridayI finally finished getting my website up and running for Today’s Gal Friday.  I have 2 pages on there that I need to finish but the important stuff is there.  This website is for my virtual administrative services business and is what I hope will pay the bills while I travel so I want it to look professional.  I also wanted it to look very simple and uncomplicated.

What do you think about it??  Does it look professional?  Does it look too simple??  Would you hire me??




Comments appreciated!

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Lucky Me

My sister bought me a T-Shirt for St. Patricks Day that has Betty Boop on it and says “Lucky Girl” on it….very cute!  And I started thinking today that I really AM a lucky girl!!  I think sometimes I lose track of that and I’m glad a T-Shirt brought that all back to me.

Sometimes I get so bogged down in “what’s not good or right” and I forget just how lucky I am……so in keeping with the Law of Attraction philosophy…..which is what made me look at that T-Shirt and have my whole Ahhhh-Ha moment…..I am going to concentrate on why I’m one lucky son of a bitch….girl!!

  • I get to be home (or in a van) and make my own hours and do what I want to do….when I want to do them.
  • I get to home base at my sister’s incredible new apartment in St. Michaels, MD where people PAY to come stay on their vacations.
  •  AND I get to stay in her apartment in the middle of town where we can walk to everything.
  • I get to go to North Carolina in a few weeks just for the hell of it…..just because I want to and because I can.
  • I have money to live on and more will be coming.
  • My kids are well adjusted and learning to be responsible adults.
  • I am healthy and strong and I look years younger than I am.
  • I have a very young heart and mind.
  • AND…..I just found an awesome van.

It is all coming to me and I have an awesome life!!!

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I found a van!!  I’m so excited!!  I still have to go drive it….the battery was dead the day I went to look at it….but barring any major mechanical issues when I have it looked at…I’m buying it!  AND on top of that….the first van that I looked at that I really fell in love with…that I didn’t think he would come down on price….just told my mom that he would come down on price…..almost to the amount of this new van…..so I have a back up!!!  I like this 2nd van much better though…..lower mileage, less converting, lower price!!  Looks like I might be finally on the path to getting things rolling!

p.s.  No the picture of the pink VW Bus Van is not the van I’m buying LOL!  I just thought it was cute!

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One Christmas I gave everyone a book called “The Secret” as a gift.  The book is based on the Law of Attraction which basically boils down to “What you think….becomes”.  In other words if you think good things then you will attract good things and vice versa….if you think bad things then you will attract bad things.

One of my very favorite examples from the book is the example of losing weight.  If you constantly think “I’m not going to lose the weight” then you are attracting the weight to you…..your brain, instead of thinking of “losing weight”, is thinking “gain weight” and sending out negative vibes into the world.  Of course if you think “when I lose the weight”….as if it is assumed that you will lose the weight, then you are sending positive attraction signals.  I admit it might sound a little hokey but it really does make a lot of sense and I have had several things happen in my life that I can attribute to this theory.

Another fun thing that my sister, mom and I have done (and this exercise could be done with other subjects as well) is made up a list of what we want in a man.  Everything we listed had to be positive.  We couldn’t say that we didn’t want a non-smoker because that was a negative request…..so we had to think of a positive way to say it.  Instead we said we wanted a smoke-free person.

If you haven’t read The Secret I highly recommend it!!!  I fell off of the bandwagon somewhat over the years since I originally read it….not really sure why…..but I am now re-reading it and trying to put myself back in the right frame of mind.

Recently I was introduced to a new way of applying the Law of Attraction called Remembering Forward.  Remembering Forward is basically pretending that you are in the future and looking back at all the good things that have happened to you.  You make up the past obviously, but you build a past with everything good that you want to happen.  By doing this you are training your brain to think about how you want your life to go in a positive reinforcing way….imagine your life the way you want it and then assume that is how your life is going to go.

So for this post I am going to do my own little version of Remembering Forward…..

Remember when you decided to become a digital nomad and take your business on the road so that you could finally do some traveling?  Remember how scared you were?  But then it all turned out so marvelous.  You worked so hard to get Today’s Gal Friday up and running that it exceeded your wildest imagination.  You were able to pick and choose your clients and hire other VA’s to take on some of the over flow.  Eventually you made enough money to be able to travel all around the world whenever you wanted to.  

Oh, and remember when you were so worried about how your boys would turn out, about how they would feel about you leaving….would they feel abandoned??  Remember that?  Well they really surprised you didn’t they?  Joshua turned out to be a world renowned artist and is now living on an organic farm….he wasn’t a starving artist for too long!  And Zachary….he finally made it to school and is doing well in his field and has 2 beautiful children.  And they never did feel abandoned….that was all in your head….they were happy for you and came to join you in your travels whenever they were able to. 

As for you, one day when you were least expecting it, you ran into the most wonderful, giving, loving man who wanted to travel as much as you did and you hit it off right way.  

And now you are getting married, you are home from your travels (but not for too long) in a beautiful home with your loving husband and adorable grandchildren.  Life really did turn out wonderful and there was never any reason to worry after all.

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